12 Rocks

12 Rocks

Christmas is over, it is cold and dark outside, we have another national lockdown and Summer holidays seem a lifetime away, so it is not surprising Blue Monday is approaching – the third Monday of January – deemed as the most depressing day of the year.  But fear not, a psychologist came up with the term ‘Blue Monday’ in 2004 after a holiday company wanted a scientific formula for the January blues and to no doubt encourage us to book more holidays.

So, although we may be feeling a little fed up, there is lots we can do to lift our moods without the need to rush out and book a holiday and we are going to be highlighting the 12 Rocks of Wellbeing with www.actionyourpotential.org over the next few weeks.  The 12 Rocks are 12 activities or habits that we all must carry out every day to give our brains the best chance of constructing the best version of ourselves.  They are simple but may require a little planning to make sure we do them in our busy lives.     We will go into each rock in more detail over the next few weeks.

Rock 1 – Sleep

Rock 2 – Exercise

Rock 3 – Eat Healthily

Rock 4 – Mindfulness

Rock 5 – Mind Wandering

Rock 6 – Emotions

Rock 7 – Walking Outside

Rock 8 – Music

Rock 9 – Connecting with People

Rock 10 – Gratitude and Kindness

Rock 11 – Engaging Your Life’s Purpose

Rock 12 – Learn, Play, Create, Read

Remember you are not alone and there is always someone for you to talk to.  #itisokaynottobeokay

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