Health & Wellbeing

The Escape Youth Club & Sussex Oakleaf – Believe 2 Achieve

We are delighted to confirm we have secured funding to hold further Believe 2 Achieve workshops for secondary school pupils in years 7-11.

What are Believe 2 Achieve workshops?

The aim of these workshops is to give young people the tools to improve their overall wellbeing, help others and give them the skills to be able to cope with life’s challenges. The course will help attendees increase their confidence and self-belief in their potential and their future! It is done in a safe environment using activities and other fun ways to learn.

The course also supports socially excluded and isolated young people to help increase their social networks. Young people will feel closer to other young people and more connected to their peers as a result of this course.

What are we offering?

The Escape Youth Club are working with Sussex Oakleaf to run a weekly 1 hour session over six weeks which will now be held at the club when we are back.

On completion of the six week course, attendees will be presented with a certificate.

The club has already successfully carried out three sessions with Sussex Oakleaf since October 2020.

Feedback from Previous Attendees

“I really enjoyed the course, found it very helpful and a real eye opener”. Jasmine, age 16.

“Good information, a safe place to talk to others and build confidence”. Drew, age 13.

“I found the course very interesting, eye opening, informative and fun. The course was very helpful for the subject it was teaching and everyone teaching it was very kind and helpful”. Kian, Year 8.

“Very helpful/interesting information, really enjoyed taking part in the workshops. Would like to do others”. Grace, Year 10.

“Even though my daughter was initially reluctant to join the meetings, each week she never complained and was eager to get started. As a parent, I am so grateful for the time that she had on your course”. Parent of year 8 student.

Who is The Escape Youth Club?

The Escape Youth Club opened their doors on 10th January 2020 and have been engaging and supporting the youth of our community ever since. Due to the recent pandemic, focus has increased on helping and supporting the youth of our community with their mental health, making sure they have a permanent open channel into the club, are communicated with regularly and have access to resources that can help any of them struggling with their own mental health.

Who is Sussex Oakleaf?

Sussex Oakleaf, part of Brighton Housing Trust, provide a range of support services to people with mental health needs, those with a personality disorder and individuals at risk of homelessness.

They empower people and promote independence by providing recovery focused community wellbeing services, residential care, peer mentoring, housing support and volunteering opportunities.

Sussex Oakleaf offer their services in Burgess Hill and thanks to Karen, the club Chair and Martin Rhodes we have been able to create a program that delivers the help our young people need after what has been a stressful time for all.