Parent Resources

How We Can Help

We are not trained counsellors but we do know how to listen and how to help if possible.  We know being a parent isn’t always easy and there is no manual.  If there is an issue that you are concerned about with your child or you just want to know where to go for some advice, we will do our best to help.  If there are things you would like to know more about or see from us as a club, we will be happy to listen to your ideas.  We are not your average Youth Club we want to help give our Members the tools to be more resilient as well as other opportunities.

What The Club Is Able To Offer

Parents/carers workshops

Later on this year we will be launching our pilot project PITCH (Parents Information Tools Create Harmony) This group will offer a sense of community for parents/carers who feel alone with managing their young people.

Our aims:

  • Support parents in understanding child development to enable parents/carers
  • Mental Health & the impact of mental illness & emotional distress
  • Educate parents/carers in therapeutic skills to use to support their young person
  • Offer a space for parents/carers to discuss, ask questions and reflect and support their emotional needs.

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What To Watch For

Further information on courses and online events will be posted here.